Always use this product with adult supervision.
Accidents have occurred when babies and toddlers have been left alone with drinking equipment due to the child falling or if the product has disassembled.

Never use feeding teats as a soother. Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay.
Tooth decay in young children can occur even when non-sweetened fluids are used.
This can occur if the child is allowed to use the bottle or cup for long periods through the day and particularly through the night, when saliva flow is reduced or if it is used as a soother.

Always check food temperature before feeding.
Heating in a microwave may produce localised high temperatures.

Keep all components not in use out of reach of children.
Straws are not suitable for a child under 6 months.

Inspect before each use and pull the feeding teat in all directions.
Throw away at first signs of damage or weakness.

Do not leave a feeding teat, spout or straw in direct sunlight or heat or leave in disinfectant (“sterilising solution”) for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the teat, spout or straw.
Before first use, place teat in boiling water for 5 minutes.
This is to ensure hygiene. clean before each use.

Take extra care when microwave heating.
Always stir heated food to ensure even heat distribution and test the temperature before serving.
Do not allow child to bite or chew product.
Individual parts may pose a choking hazard.
Hot liquids may cause burns.
Do not use with liquid over 45°C (113°F).
If using with warm contents, please be careful when opening as pressure may build up and cause liquid to spray.

Before first use, clean the product. Separate all parts before cleaning.
Handwash in warm water with dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly. 

Dishwasher safe, top rack only. Dishwasher not recommended for metal with print.
Prints may fade over time. This will not impact product’s performance.
Ensure all parts are dry before storage and reassembly. 

The base of all plastic drinking products can be placed in a microwave for maximum 30 seconds at a time.
Do not microwave plastic products with lid attached.
Do not put metal, including the weight from the sippy cup, into the microwave.
Do not place product in a traditional oven.

Check product before and after each use for signs of damage or deterioration.
Discard at first signs of damage.
Some liquids may discolour this product.
This will not impact performance.
Do not use with hot or carbonated drinks.
Do not use straws with juices containing pulp or infant formula.

Product can be sterilised as per guidelines enclosed.
Separate all parts and clean thoroughly before placing in steriliser.
UV sterilisation can cause discoloration and accelerate deterioration of materials over time.
Check all parts regularly for cracks/damage and replace if required.
Always follow manufacturer instructions and don’t exceed materials thermal resistance.
Wait 15 minutes between cycles.
Be careful when sterilising in boiling water that product does not touch the container/pot as this may cause product to deform.
Do not use abrasive agents or scourers.
Table below provides guide for maximum cleaning temperature for key materials in products.

Keep packaging and care instructions for future reference.
Refer to packaging and/or website for guidance on sterilising.
Additional care and use instructions and tips at