Due to Covid-19 we will stop shipping from the time of final courier pick up on Wednesday 25th - orders after 1:30pm may not make that final dispatch. We will still be online and selling during the lock-down but no orders will be shipped until the end of the lock-down period - Read all covid-19 info here

During the NZ lock-down period
The great news is that we are still going to be online to accept orders and our online and customer service team are ready to assist from their homes. All regular customer service contact email addresses and phone numbers will be in normal use. (Please note there will be lower numbers of support personnel during the lock-down so if you can’t get through immediately then try again later).


All ordering services are available BUT WE WILL NOT BE SHIPPING UNTIL THE END OF THE LOCK-DOWN.

The All Blacks are an iconic brand that show the strength, unity and passion of our country and the New Zealand people. As a nation we stand tall and proud. We look forward to when we are back and able to ship New Zealand’s teams to our fans around the world. Until then you can get those orders in to secure products.

Everyone stay safe and look after each other.
We will back! – We are Champions of the World.

“This is not a jersey. This is a portal through which people pass. This is not just material. This is the fabric that binds us together. This is not just a souvenir. This is a reminder of all who have worn it before us. This is not just black material. It is the absence of fear. This is not just a uniform. This is a country unified. This is not just a jersey for only 22 people. This is a jersey fitted for a nation. This is victory & loss, but never defeated.

Please note: there are delays in some delivery services that are outside our control.

To help prevent the further spread of COVID-19, many flights have been suspended, reduced or cut to affected regions. Because of this, we are seeing a big drop in available capacity and an increase in surcharges with the airlines our couriers work with to send your parcels overseas.

So, to enable us to continue to deliver, we need to suspend normal services during the pandemic, and introduce International Surcharges additional to standard rates. Delivery targets will also differ from normal.

These surcharges will stay in place until airline capacity supply is back to normal, but in the meantime may continue to change.